Operating System

Install, update, repair, and configuration of various OS like Windows 7, XP and MAC.

Virus Removal

Get rid of security threats and other virus related issues with our seasoned technician.

Wi-fi Network

Set up your home network, printer’s connectivity via Wi-fi with the help of our specialized technicians

Computer Optimization

Are you experiencing degrade in performance of your computer? Well, it is high time to seek our support as our tech experts will optimize your computer by clearing out junk files, and cleaning.

PC Set-up & Install

Our tech experts customize the settings of computer based on customer’s preferences.

PC Diagnosis & Repair

Resolve all compatibility issues with software application or hardware running on your PC with our experts on board.

How we help?

With growing use of laptops and PCs in today’s world, one can’t afford to lose the touch of these manmade wonders. Also, there is no denying the fact that the note-worthy problems related to computers are in plenty and need a skillful hand. Thankfully, our 24*7 technical support is available to your rescue.

Our remote support services will fix these issues in real time. These services are secure as you can view commands used by our technician for troubleshooting.

Alternatively, we also provide you with an option of Self-support that will be facilitated through phone. All you need to do is to follow the instruction given by our technician over the phone. We, at Online TechAssist, will always provide you with the best available option, putting aside our own personal benefits.

Our certified technicians resolve wide range of issues that your computer might face and come up with quick solution that will compel you to give our services a well deserved, Thumbs Up!