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Router makes all your sharing tasks 'walk-in-the-park', but everything comes with a cost. However, this cost will not really cost you until we are on your side.

We provide complete support for D-Link Routers ranging from setting up to troubleshooting errors.

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D-Link Router Setup

You can configure the Wireless and Internet settings of your D-Link Router via two ways: Setup Wizard or Manually. Manual setting always has an upper advantage over Wizard as you have the option to configure the settings according to you. Manual settings ask for expertise and this is what we provide you with at Online TechAssist. Not only manual setting but even use of Wizard may pose some troubles before you. We will guide you through a complete set-up procedure, allows enjoying un-interrupted, long-lasting connectivity.

Router Set-up encompasses:

Internet Connectivity

Now connect your D-Link router to the internet with support of our experts. You can share the internet among several connected computer in the networks with the use of Modem. We assist you in setting Internet connection through both ways - Connection Wizard or Manually.

Get in touch with our experts if you wish to give an upper edge to your Internet connectivity experience with routers.

Share Printer through Routers
The prime aim behind using router is to share available resources among several hardware connected in home network; printer is one such resource. Let the printer connected to a computer, to serve the request of another computer connected through router in the home network. Despite of availability of other cheaper options to share printer, use of router is definitely way better.

How can I connect my printer to router? Well, we are just a phone call away
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Wireless Settings
Now this section gives license to trouble to annoy you. At Online TechAssist, we assist you in configuring the wireless settings for your D-Link Router. Also, keep your privacy 'privacy' by configuring wireless security features with our assistance.

Network Settings
Network settings are not really a cup of tea even for advanced users and the reason can be highly complicated network issues.  Network settings for your D-Link router comprises of Router settings and DHCP Server Settings (allowing you to assign IP addresses to the connected computer). As these settings are responsible for inviting most of the problems you can face, let us do the job for you.

Connecting Printer to D-Link Router

What could be as good as having a shared printer satisfying all printing demands by different computers connected in network?

Share your printer effortlessly through router with assistance of Online TechAssist.

If your problem is one among listed above, then this support has been just made for you. Get our support and forget all your password related worries.
So getting a D-Link router is of course great but getting stuck in some error or issue isn’t. For the latter, Online TechAssist is always present for your service


Connecting Gaming Consoles and other Home Entertainment devices

Nearly all Home-entertainment devices including Gaming Consoles, and Smart TV etc. demands for Internet connectivity and if you have router, the best idea is to extract every juice out of it. Give an extra edge to your connectivity by spreading it to your Home entertainment devices.

Troubleshooting Issues

Router related errors are not few in numbers to count. With so many functionalities that you can achieve with use of router, chances of error is also in significant numbers.

“Getting connectivity error.”
“Unable to connect to Internet (any connected device).”
“Connectivity dropping frequently.”
Above stated are among few issues with router for which you can get in touch with us.

D-Link Password Support

“I want to connect a device with my router, but constantly getting the message saying incorrect password.”

“I am facing trouble while trying logging in to access my D-Link Router.” “I want to create or change a password. How to do it?”

These are few password related concerns that you may face with routers. Good news is, we are available for your service round the clock, 365 days and just a call away.

Enjoy seamless connectivity throughout with help of Online TehAssist and that too at those prices which will compel you to be one among our clients.



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