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You own a small or medium business involving the use of computers, printer(s), and other similar devices. You think of buying a router to give an upper edge to all your sharing tasks. With many available options you may go for popular brands like NETGEAR, Linksys, Belkin, D-Link etc. Things are looking pretty smooth till now but problem arrive when you unpack the box.

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Are you facing the problems like:

  • How to set up Router?
  • How to get it connected with computers?
  • How to connect Internet modem?
  • I have just one printer. How to connect it with router so that it can communicate with other connected systems?

Above are the questions which can cross through your mind. Do not try your hand in setting up the router. Online Tech Assist is there to help you round the clock. Our staff will assist you in setting up your NETGEAR router with optimal security.

Get in touch with our experts if you wish to give an upper edge to your Internet connectivity experience with routers.

NETGEAR Router Set-up Support
You can set up your router through set up wizard or manually. Even if you go with set up wizard you need to configure settings like Wireless settings, Maintenance which further includes the options like Back-up settings, Router upgrade, Router status, attached device, and other advanced settings. The set up complexity is enough to scare anybody and this is exactly the answer for your question “Why should I opt for NETGEAR Router Set-up Support from Online Tech Assist?” However, merely configuring settings is the match just half-won. What is the point behind buying and installing a game until you don’t play it? So here arrives the subset of NETGEAR set-up support.

How can I connect my printer to router? Well, we are just a phone call away
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Connecting computers to NETGEAR Router
You initially need to connect a single computer to router (to minimize the complexity) and configure the settings. Now, with assistance of Online Tech Assist, connect all the systems in the workplace to the router to give a whole new definition to file sharing.

Connecting Internet Modem to NETGEAR Router
The demand of Internet connectivity has been on new high. Using any device (wireless or wired) without Internet is just like watching Avatar in 2D or even more worse I think.
Share Internet among connected computers (or/and Smartphone) by connecting Internet modem to the router. Get our technical support to enjoy seamless connectivity throughout.

Connecting Gaming console and other home entertainment devices with NETGEAR
Include Gaming consoles and Home entertainment devices in your network and widen the horizon of Internet connectivity and file sharing.

Connecting printer with NETGEAR Router
Connection of a printer with router is just like connecting printer with each computer connected with the same router. However, it is a complex task but not for your experts. Connect your printer and use it for every device in the network. After all the connectivity tasks for your router and other connected devices, you are all set to experience the whole new level of communication.

Unfortunately, all the issues don’t end but actually starts from here. Network and connectivity errors and other router problems can be even more annoying for you than watching all parts of Twilight in one go (no offence to Twilight lovers). Online Tech Assist provide support for each router issue.

Problems: Firmware update support for NETGEAR Router
Enabling Guest account
NETGEAR Router’s Security
Troubleshooting Connectivity errors

Forget all your NETGEAR worries and let us serve you with our unmatchable bunch of experts and that too at most competitive price tag.

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Get in touch with our experts if you wish to give an upper edge to your Internet connectivity experience with routers.

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