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Setting up Router

Want to set up router for home computer networks? Setting up of router is not as easy as it sounds. With a lot of options including sharing, security, networking etc. you may seem lost juggling between all these settings. Router setup should be accurate with no flexibility among optimal settings. Our expert will guide you through the set up process ensuring a great trouble-free router experience.

Router Set-up encompasses:

Sharing files among computers which are connected with the help of router reduces redundancy of work to a great extent. There are alternative file sharing methods too (without router’s help) but use of router makes this task easy, fast and reliable.

Connect computers on Router with the help of our experts.

Get in touch with our experts if you wish to give an upper edge to your Internet connectivity experience with routers.

Connecting Internet modem with Router

Having a separate Internet connection for all the computing devices and Smartphone, doesn’t only sound peculiar but also make you spend a lot of bucks. So the idea is to get a single connection for the home network and get Internet connectivity throughout. This can be accomplished by connecting Internet modem to wireless Router.

Get the help of our expert and connect all your devices in the home network with an Internet connection via Router.

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Connecting Printer with Router

Connecting and sharing a printer or other resources is very important when you own a small or medium business. Gone are the days when you used to specially configure the host computer for sharing printer with other computer.

With introduction of routers, the task of sharing becomes effortless. However, connecting printer to router is a tough task. Thankfully, Online TechAssist is available round the clock for your help.

Connecting gaming consoles and other home entertainment devices with Router

Every single technology has now become multi-tasking. Think about a gaming console you own. Do you use it only for gaming? Recent update to this gaming console world is Microsoft’s XBOX One in which you can use Skype, watch television, play blue-ray disk etc. Also the introduction of Smart TV gives you the option to do a lot more than just watching movies and seasons. With growing dimensions of these home entertainment devices, the reach of Internet connectivity has become a necessity. Router merges all these devices to serve the sharing purpose (of file or Internet).

Our assistance will guide you in case you are wondering, “How to connect home entertainment devices to Router?”

Troubleshooting Network Issues existing with Router

Network Issues arises when many devices are connected with a router. You may also face Internet connectivity problems with any of the devices connected via router.

Direct connection of modem with PC/Laptop is not a big trouble maker but tough situation arrives when router comes in between, connecting several devices with modem.

Our experts are well trained to troubleshoot these common Network Issues comes hand-in-hand with Router.


Router's Password Support

Are you facing the problem like
“I want to connect a device with my router, but constantly getting the message saying incorrect

“I am facing trouble while trying logging in to access my Router.”

“I want to create or change a password. How to do it?”
If your problem is one among listed above, then this support has been just made for you. Get our

support and forget all your password related worries.

Online TechAssist promises you to give you every possible support to keep you experiencing the Gen- next connectivity.


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Online TechAssist promises you to give you every possible support to keep you experiencing the Gennext connectivity.

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